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Pocket God Facebook Valentine Event!

Love to love ya Pygmy! The arrows are flying, heading right towards Pocket God Facebook for the Valentine’s Day event! Complete all the challenges to win the Fat Cupid Idol! Make as many noble sacrifices as you can, all in the name of love!

And now you can make even more sacrifices with the following specials: you can receive 30% more bones for the $100 package, 20% more bones for the $50 package, and 10% more bones for the $20 package. Get in, get lovestruck, and get cracking before the event ends on February 14!

  • Anon 1

    I like that idea a new island would always be fun (except that we android users don’t get updates) and something sci-fi would be really cool! The shrink ray sounds like a good idea and maybe something to make them giant too. It would also be cool to have some radioactive stuff or some thing you can use to mutate the pygmies and maybe some cyborg or robot versions of pygmies and other creatures.

  • lekkek

    What happend to pocked god on facebook its not there?

  • Skysolder

    I have a suggestion for the next update for the mobile version what if they’re was a island devoted to sience their kind of sience like in the comics being a shrink ray where the other pigmes would stomp on them and you could put them under a microscope to play the mini game where you shoot germs with a sling shot or something else to shoot and in another room it would be full of mutant animals with a boss mutant gorilla. Just a suggestion

  • Laura

    i have one problem with facebook version of tke game… the add for lightbringers is right on the arrow (in rival gods menu). there’s no way i can remove that add, so can you please move it just a little bit, cuz i can’t see my progrres in rival gods (i beliave that other’s also can’t) and it’s really annoying. so pleaseee =D

  • Guru

    Oh that’s good<3

  • Drek95

    Nah, I think they are just having some problems with the publishers, but should be nothing to worry about.

    It’s probably just a big delay. ;)

  • Guru

    When do you think that Pocket God Comics will be back? I REAAALLLY hope it’s not a scapped project because I have been in love with this comic for probably about 3-4 years now… ;_;

  • Drek95

    Unfortunately, yes, they have decided to abandon the project.

    It’s just too big for them, at the moment.
    I really hope they will bring it back, someday, but I honestly don’t think so… :(

  • David

    I have been waiting since 2012 for the runs, please give us info or tell us if you scrapped the project

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