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Pocket God vs. Desert Ashes coming soon!

A cool crossover will be coming to PlayStation! Luc Bernard introduces “Pocket God vs. Desert Ashes! Bernard, creator of Mecho Wars and Steam Pirates, has partnered with Dave and Allan to create a new mashup of his own Desert Ashes and Pocket God for the PlayStation!

Luc states:

In a way this title was always meant to happen. A few years ago I was reading a interview with Dave Castelnuovo, and I saw how much he had liked my old title Mecho Wars. Then I mentioned on Twitter that I was playing Pocket God, and Dave saw.

We both loved each others’ work, and I got to work with Bolt Creative at one point with both Dave and Alan and it was a fun experience.

So if you want to see how everyone’s favorite Pygmies will ascend to a new level of action, check out Luc’s blogpost. We will keep you posted as developments occur!

  • rew711

    I’m just wondering. Why do they think that Pocket God: Journey to Uranus has more content that other games? When, in fact, their original Pocket God has twice the mini-games Uranus does. Not saying the games on Uranus are not fun, but we still have other planets to visit. Right now, there’s only Earth, Uranus, and Mercury. Where’s Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, and Neptune? Why am I paying for a Space Shooter, Paper Toss, Racer, Fighter game when all of these can be got for free, and are even better and fun to play. Even the endless runners. There is nothing better in the Pocket God: J2U that I can’t see in others. Why can’t we do a Hungry Shark thing on Neptune, where you play as a shark that tries to eat as many Pygmies as possible? Why not add DLC if you’re too scared to add more for such a cheap price as the app costs? Add new Universes based on space movies like Star Treck and Star Wars or other games like Super Mario and such. It’s not difficult. You made Ooga Jump, a game that comes with the original PG.

  • Sennaise3

    Dude I know man, I wish it would be maybe brought up again on how it’s coming along…

  • Alavist

    Holy shit
    They still not finished with the comic >:(

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